Lost and Found Property

The items below have been found and turned into the Hollywood Police Department, either by an officer or by a good Samaritan. All items are inspected by our Property Unit. If applicable, our Property Unit generates and mails a letter to the owner explaining we have their personal property. Found items will be held for 90 days. Any items that go unclaimed after 90 days may be destroyed/shredded or sold at public auction.

If any of the items listed below belong to you, contact our Property Department: 954-967-4620. You will be required to provide proper identification and sign for it in order to claim your item. If you find someone else's property, please report it to the Hollywood Police Department.

The list of found items is also posted inside the lobby of the Hollywood Police Department. The list is updated each month.

Notice of Donation

As per State Statute #705.103, relating to lost and abandoned property, the City of Hollywood hereby presents notice that the following items will be disposed of, unless proper claim is made by the owner on or before the 90th day.

11/5/2017 Northlake Drive Unknown Bicycle
11/14/2017 Hollywood Boulevard Unkown Brown bag with content, cellphone
11/14/2017 North State Road 7 Salomon Davora Martinez Wallet with contents
11/16/2017 South State Road 7 Ctervan Mcglashan Backpack with content, cellphone
11/17/2017 Chaminade Drive Leanna L. Sapp Purse with contents
11/21/2017 Fillmore Street Unknown Cellphones
11/25/2017 South Ocean Drive Ruth Flores Pink backpack with contents
11/26/2017 Sheridan Street Unknown Apple iPhone
11/26/2017 West Park Road Unknown Black purse with contents
11/30/2017 North Park Street Unknown Cellphones