Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program


Dating violence, which is a large but hidden phenomenon, affects individuals during their teenage years as they begin to form their first romantic relationships. Teens are at a high risk for interpersonal violence when they have not received education on healthy, and unhealthy relationship behaviors. Dating violence includes physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, or stalking through digital and face-to-face communications with the goal of power, and control.


The mission of the Hollywood Police Department’s Domestic Violence Unit is to start a school wide teen dating violence prevention program directed towards high school students in order to raise awareness about teen dating abuse, and prevent future incidents. By promoting healthy relationship behaviors during one’s teenage years, the likelihood of adult dating violence can be reduced.


The primary objective for our prevention initiative, Girl with No Name, is to decrease the prevalence of teen dating violence in high schools throughout our community by first working with seasonal sport teams (i.e. football team), and then student organizations. The program also includes distinct learning examples specifically geared towards males and females. The following steps will be taken to raise awareness, reduce its prevalence, and encourage the reporting of teen dating abuse. High school students will be educated on the violations of Florida State Statutes, the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, the dangers and effects associated to violence, safety and protection measures, and procedures on reporting abuse.