Pavement Management Study

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In 2020, the City of Hollywood retained the firm of Transmap Corporation to perform a comprehensive pavement management study. The study was undertaken to evaluate pavement conditions in Hollywood and to allow for the analysis and development of various rehabilitation and maintenance options with funding scenarios. Under the scope of this project, Transmap Corporation performed a detailed inventory of hard surfaces such as roadways, alleys and sidewalks. Pavement inspection were performed, existing pavement conditions were assessed and analyzed, future remaining pavement life was predicted and pavement management programs were developed. Upon completion, a total of 447 miles of City maintained hard surfaces were inspected and reviewed, creating the pavement management study. The study is now being used as a guide for the City’s roadway and alley reconstruction and resurfacing projects based on need, and in coordination with the Department of Public Utility’s ongoing water and sewer rehabilitation program. The City’s roadway and alley reconstruction and resurfacing efforts outside of the Public Utility project areas are led by the City’s Engineering Division. This report describes the steps taken, the results of the field evaluations, and also compares the results of some potential roadway funding scenarios.

Residential Alley in Hollywood

Pavement management is the practice of planning for pavement repairs and maintenance with the goal of maximizing the value and life of a pavement network. With a comprehensive study of road conditions, the City may then better plan for future repairs, rehabilitation and maintenance.

Pavement Management Report 2021 (PDF)

Sidewalk Statistics (PDF)

Roadway Pavement Condition Index 2020 (PDF)

Alleys Pavement Condition Index 2020 (PDF)

Roadway Curb Assets 2020 (PDF)

Sidewalk 2020 (PDF)

Sidewalk Failure 2020 (PDF)

Bike Path Map (PDF)

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