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Progress With A Purpose

The Department of Public Utilities fully understand that construction projects can present challenges for residents and businesses. In an effort to help minimize construction disruptions, and to help residents prepare and stay informed; information on current and upcoming projects in Hollywood is available for review by clicking on the following links:

You may also request a project update by calling Engineering Services during normal business hours at 954.921.3930. You may also e-mail your request to the City.

Know What's Below. Call Before You Dig!

Before you begin digging on your property you should call the Sunshine 811 one-call notification center. It's the easy, one-stop service whereby they will notify all utilities and initiate location services. Providers will mark where water, sewer, and other utility infrastructure is before you dig in an effort to keep you safe. Customer Service Representative require your telephone number with area code, County, City, street address, the nearest intersection street and precise locating information. They will also ask you how deep you are planning on digging, if you plan to use a power tool or manually dig, if permits are required, and for how long your project will take. Call Sunshine 811 at dialing 811 or 800.432.4770.